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What is A Office Chair?

Office chair refers to a variety of chairs designed to facilitate daily work and social activities. Our friends in the office divide office chairs into small ones and large ones. In a narrow sense, it refers to the armchair that people sit on their desk while they work. Broad office chair refers to all chairs used in the office, including executive chair, middle chair, meeting chair, staff chair, conference chair, visitor chair, training chair and so on.

Basic composition

1. Wheels: ordinary wheels , PU wheels (soft material, suitable for wood floor and machine room).
2. Legs: the thickness of iron frame directly affects the service life of the chair. Surface treatment: polishing, spray painting, baking paint (the surface is shiny, not easy to remove the paint), electroplating removal picture (wooden frame can not be electroplating), electroplating quality is good, paint is not easy to peel and rust.
3. Pneumatic rod: also known as telescopic rod, used to adjust the height and rotation of the chair.
4. Chassis: the fixed part of the seat, the bottom of which is connected with the wind rod.
5. Seat: wood, sponge, fabric composition. Consumers often do not perceive the quality of wood. Sponge: recycled cotton, new cotton. 99% manufacturers use together, the thicker the harder, the higher the cost, the thickness is appropriate, the hardness is appropriate. With hand pressure cushion, material: hemp, mesh, leather. Press the plastic frame into the screen. This chair breathes more.
6. Armret: thickness affects the quality.
7. Seat back connection (Angle): seat back and seat back separation, with steel pipe or steel plate connection. The steel plate is usually 6mm or 8mm thick. But the width of steel plate less than 6cm-8mm thick.
8. Chair back: steel frame / plastic frame chair, mesh material, breathable.
9. Lumbar pillow: reflect the comfort of the chair.
10. Headrest: express the comfort of the chair.


From the material composition can be divided into: leather office chair, PU leather office chair, fabric office chair, mesh office chair, plastic office chair and so on. From the use type can be divided into: boss chair, work chair, employee chair, supervisor chair, meeting chair, meeting chair, ergonomic chair, etc. From the point of use, there are mainly offices, open staff offices, conference rooms, reading rooms, libraries, training classrooms, laboratories, staff dormitory, staff canteen and so on.


The consumption of office chairs is mainly concentrated in three categories: the first is corporate procurement; the second is government procurement; the third is purchased by schools. So far, the proportion of government procurement has not been large enough. It is mainly corporate procurement, which is the main force.

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