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Why Choose An Ergonomic Office Chair?

Ergonomics experts recommend that teenagers use ergonomic tables and chairs, which they can use into adulthood, and explain that the design of ergonomic tables and chairs "helps maintain the curve of the spine during adolescence", and "over time, it Can help correct bad posture habits". The ergonomic table and chair have adjustable lumbar support, a height-adjustable reclining seat, headrest, armrests and footrests that can be pulled out from under the seat.

Ergonomics experts recommend tilting the office chair 110 degrees to reduce spine pressure, rather than sitting upright or forward. Chairs that are not easy to roll due to poor casters, the backrest is too short or does not exist, the armrests are too fragile, too short or too high to be used, the surface is difficult to clean, the edges of the chair are not smooth and uncomfortable, or the design of the model cannot bear your weight (we The rated weight of the cheap chair seen is below 100kg).

At the same time, the lumbar support of the office chair can be moved back and forth. “It is optional, so people of all shapes and conditions can use it.” The high-density seat cushion can bear 200 kg and the backrest is made of double-layer mesh. It has excellent breathability.

The backrest of the ergonomic office chair is mesh fabric with a large plastic support. Through the mesh backrest, you can easily feel the lumbar support; it reduces some of the elasticity of the seat back, but this is true for all seats designed. We think the more ergonomic office chair is worth weighing.

Supporting the lumbar curve of the lower back is the key, because if the lumbar spine is comfortably supported, it will help people maintain a good posture and prevent them from entering listlessly, thereby increasing postural pressure. Although all the traditional office chairs we recommend have strong built-in lumbar support, if you need more, this is a reasonably priced product that you can lie comfortably on the back of the ergonomic office chair.

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