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What are The Benefits of Ergonomic Office Chairs?

A good office chair will help you maintain a neutral position, which means that your feet are flat on the floor, your knees are slightly higher than your hips, and your hips, shoulders and ears are in line.

As a high-quality chair with strong lumbar support, kinouwell's ergonomic office chair is very suitable for standard office work. Its plastic mesh backrest is cooler than the fabric cushion. Compared with the foam cushioned chairs used in warm climates or warm-up people, the use of ergonomic mesh office chairs is a better choice.

They provide excellent lumbar support and provide additional cushioning for the natural bending of the lower back. It has a support net that can adjust the height of armrest and seat. Adjustable lumbar support helps provide additional protection for your lower back and helps you stay comfortable when sitting for long periods of time.

The seat cushion is thick and soft and can support the tailbone. This is really good for sedentary people because "it provides support and helps promote good posture", thereby reducing back pain.

You can also adjust the tilt tension and backward tilt of the backrest, as well as the office chair with adjustable armrest height and seat depth.

If you prefer a chair without headrest or want a cheaper choice, kinouwell office chair has many of the same functions and ergonomic design (including "self-locking tilt mechanism", which allows you to tilt back without falling).

As for the price, if you know that you like strong seats, do not need strong lumbar support, prefer the beauty of chairs, or want higher price chairs, we think kinouwell chairs are still worth considering.

Although we admit that the price is high, if your budget allows, "this is a major investment in your health and welfare." we also consider it the "standard" of ergonomic chairs, adding that many companies are trying to copy its design.

If you choose another company's office chair, even if you find an ideal ergonomic office chair, our experts will tell us some accessories, and you may consider making it more comfortable.

Especially the cushion, it will soon fail, cheap foam will make your office chair droop on the 400th day, even if the first day feels support.

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